August 5 2015

Sundays from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Begins September 13 - Concludes November 8 (9 weeks)

2015 Fall Semester


                   Class Options                                                                 Facilitator


Financial Peace University, Cost: $93 (See Schedule Below)                Chuck & Donna Gates,  

                                                                                                Adam & Erica Caballero,

                                                                                                and Neal & Sue Kesterson


C2 Student Ministries                                                                      Chuck & Carla Bushart

    Student Worship & Book Study, and Activities                                      -Family Center

        (6th-12th Grade)


Bible Adventurers (Children's Discipleship)                                     Chuck Harpst & Volunteers

       (1st-5th Grade)                                                                        Family Center   


Preschool (3 years-Kingergarten), Room 121                                                 

Nursery (Birth-2 years), Room 122                                                                 


Fall 2015 LIFE Institute

Milan Baptist Church

Milan, Michigan


Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey

Host Couples: Chuck & Donna Gates, Neal & Sue Kesterson, and Adam & Erica Caballero

Cost: $93 per family




What You Will Learn…


Week 1



September 13

  • Lesson 1  Super Saving

Common Sense for Your Dollars and Cents

Dave explains the Seven Baby Steps that will guide you throughout Financial Peace University. You will also learn the three key reasons why you should save money—and why you must start now!



Week 2



September 20

  • Lesson 2  Relating With Money

Nerds and Free Spirits Unite!

Learn why it's important for spouses to communicate and work together toward success. Also, singles will learn the importance of teamwork, and parents will find out how to teach their kids about money.



Week 3



September 27

  • Lesson 3  Cash Flow Planning

The Nuts and Bolts of Budgeting

Unlock the secret of developing a monthly spending plan that really works. Learn how to live on less than you make, pay your bills, allow for entertainment, AND still have money left over at the end of the month.



Week 4



October 4

  • Lesson 4  Dumping Debt

Breaking the Chains of Debt

It's time to debunk some common debt myths! Dave reveals the truth about credit lies and gives you a plan to walk out of debt with confidence.



Week 5



October 11

  • Lesson 5  Buyer Beware

The Power of Marketing on Your Buying Decisions

Dave draws on decades of experience to reveal the power and influence that marketing has on your everyday buying decisions



Week 6



October 18

  • Lesson 6  The Role of Insurance

Protecting Your Health, Family and Finances

In this lesson, Dave walks you through the world of insurance, carefully explaining what you need—and what you need to avoid.



Week 7



October 25

  • Lesson 7  Retirement and College Planning

Mastering the Alphabet Soup of Investing

Dave walks you through the maze of retirement options and helps you figure out your best retirement plan. You will also learn how to plan for college so your kids can graduate debt free!



Week 8



November 1

  • Lesson 8  Real Estate and Mortgages

Keeping the American Dream From Becoming a Nightmare

Dave draws on over 20 years of real estate experience to teach you how to win when buying or selling your home, and the ins and outs of mortgages.



Week 9


November 8


  • Lesson 9  The Great Misunderstanding
    Unleashing the Power of Generous Giving

Learn how generous giving can completely revolutionize your attitude and improve your finances, business and relationships.




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